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 Purchasing your new home, recreational property, or ranch for you and your family can be both exciting and scary.  It may be the biggest investment that you have ever made, or it may be something that you have done a number of times.  Either way, you want someone who is looking out for you and your interests.

 A relatively new concept is that of a “buyer’s agent.”  This person has fiduciary responsibility to you, the buyer.  A seller’s agent has a fiduciary responsibility to the seller.  That is, they want to get the highest price for the seller with the best terms.

 A buyer’s agent may sign an exclusive or non-exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement with the buyer.  The buyer’s agent identifies the buyer’s preferences, requirements, specifications and property price range.  Then, using networking and extensive knowledge about properties in Montana, the buyer’s agent identifies listings that fit the desires of the buyer.  The buyer’s agent contacts the listing brokers on the properties and registers the name of the buyer as their client, and obtains as much information as possible about the listed property in order to screen the property.  If the property meets the requirements of the buyer, the buyer’s agent may then schedule a showing where the buyer, buyer’s agent and seller’s agent are usually present.  The goal is to see a number of properties in a 1-3 day time period.

 The cost of buyer representation is paid by the seller of the property.  It does not cost the buyer anything but loyalty and the willingness to communicate with the buyer’s agent.  In very rare instances, some extensive property searches may entail a charge to the buyer.  This would be communicated up front before the search begins.

 When the buyer decides to consider a property further and is contemplating making an offer, the buyer’s agent does some background research to identify encumbrances, easements, access, acreage, minerals and any other factors that affect the property.

 In Montana we are required to complete a Buyer Broker Agreement when a buyer makes contact with us and requests information from us, which you will find attached.  Please do not feel you have to use us exclusively, that is a choice that only you can make.  However, as I just stated, we are required to complete these, so if you could please do so we would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you for your business.  We will work hard to make your dream of owning a home or land come true.

All information is from sources deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed by Bill Bahny & Associates,  Seller or Agent. Offering is subject to error, omissions, prior sale, change or withdrawal without notice, and approval of the purchase by owner. We urge independent verification of each and every item submitted, to the satisfaction of any prospective purchaser.