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Jem of the Rockies Ranch

Jem of the Rockies Ranch

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Jem of the Rockies
White Sulphur Springs, MT

Just 37 miles north and west of White Sulphur Springs in the Little Belt Mountains is what we call the “Jem of the Rockies”.  Hidden away on Woods Creek at the end of the road is 800 acres of pine trees and huge lush grassy open meadows.  Home to elk, deer, black bear, mountain lion, wolves, upland game birds as well as turkeys with Woods Creek flowing through the property7 fishing for Brookies is a cinch.  Also, four springs in the many draws that flow into Woods Creek give the bull elk wallows for the rutting season.

The 800 acres are about 1/3 heavily treed with pines and Quaken Aspen and the other 2/3 is lush grassy meadows supplying excellent feed for the elk and deer.  There are about 250 head of elk that spring calve on the ranch and this same bunch of elk plus bulls live on the ranch and in the neighboring thousands of acres of US Forest Service property.  There are no open roads for many miles around the ranch, in any direction making the property very trespasser proof.  The ranch was selectively harvested for timber, over the years which has made some great patches of heavy timber surrounded by lush grassy meadows with Quaken Aspen groves, perfect for wildlife habitat.  There is even some snowshoe rabbit habitat piles made from the scrapes left from the timber harvest.   Speaking of the timber harvest, the natural trees in the forest service ground and the private are very thick and lots of dead fall the harvest has cleaned this up and opened the private ground which allows excellent access to the wildlife.

In one of the larger meadows is a well at 198 feet deep with 11 GPM, all ready for a solar pump to be installed.  At the well site is a beautiful place for a cabin to be built, good views, easy access and the probability of shooting your elk and deer from the porch.  There are no cabins or buildings of any kind on the ranch which makes it ideal for the new owner to build to his or her desire.  Power is only 1 ¼ mile away or one can use solar as there is lots of exposure for the solar panels.

The owner put three inches of gravel on his interior roads for the logging operation which makes it great access for the new owner.

The ranch is presently running 50 pair of cattle at $5,000/year, the “year” would consist of June through September although one could vary that depending on when you wanted to hunt the property during the rut in September with bows or during rifle season in late October and November.  Also, this is in an either sex hunting district for elk and no drawing for deer licenses.

The new owner should consider running cattle as the grasses will get tall and cause a fire danger and elk don’t like to eat the tall grass, instead they prefer the short green grass that is left after cattle have grazed.  This ranch has been open to the public for hunting, but can easily be stopped with one locked gate.  The neighbor has 45,000 acres and does most of his bow hunting on this 800-acre piece.  (These 800 acres is in the mountains and surveying is done on the level, you will have more like 1,600 to 2,000 acres.)

All the mineral rights that the owner owns will transfer with the sale to the new owner along with timber, hunting and water rights.  As an extra, there are 37 species of plants and flowers on the ranch including strawberry, raspberry and Indian Paint Brush to name a few.

All in all, this is one of the best kept secrets in the Little Belt Mountains, which are known for the big bull elk and big buck deer.  The new owner will have a great place to hunt and fish.

With Camp Baker just a few miles away, the jump off point for the famous Smith River offering even more fishing.  Lots of 4-wheeler trails in the area to add to the recreation opportunities.

A must see if you want privacy and remote yet easy access.  Priced to sell @ $1.9 Million

Make appointments today with Walter, 406-799-3782, Bill 406-594-7844, or Cody 406-461-2824

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