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Janet Welsh

Janet Welsh


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Hey there! I’m Janet Welsh. I’m going to try my best to keep this Bio interesting and not miserable to read if you are hoping to get to know me a little before hiring me.

I was born and raised in Michigan- a small little farm town called Bad Axe. Both of my parents were veterinarians which means we had lot of fun times watching surgeries in the clinic and helping my dad deliver baby calves on the farm. I loved riding around with him in his vet truck that had a perpetual cow manure smell from his overalls. I wish I had done it more to be honest.. but as a typical kid, I was always busy with my own ideas. I tended to be always trying to figure out how to make money. I was going to build shelves or treasure boxes, all we had was a hand-saw, so that dream was short lived. My mom put me to work making pot-holders that she was going to supposedly sell at the clinic- $5.00 for 2. But I’m not sure even one batch made it there. I think she just bought them all.

So fast forward a few years- I was very into design and color. I wanted to repaint my room every-year, my mom humored me and hired a painter for the first time I wanted to change colors, but then decided by the next year that I needed to learn how to paint if I was going to keep doing this; which led to a 10 year career of painting. I owned my own business here in the town of Helena. Art & Faux. I helped with design, colors, faux painting and murals, along with regular brush and roll. You can see some of my murals around town- Lewis and Clark Brewery (the patio), I was apart of the mural downtown in the Amphitheatre and did some work at the Sud’s hut ( the giant rooster). I’ve done many smaller murals in client’s homes as well as custom canvas art and many portrait drawings.

As much as I love that creative outlet and would love to go somewhere with my art skills- I have realized that my greater love is people and business. I was at a home show booth promoting my business when a realtor next door said, “you’d be a great realtor!” Well- I stewed on that for a few months and suddenly painting inside a house alone was unbearable. So in 2015, I went to school to get my Realtor’s License and am so thankful I have! I love working with people every day! It is a great joy to help someone buy or sell a home and move on to the next step of their life as well as problem solving along the way and thinking of something to look out for or investigate that maybe they hadn’t thought of.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I find that in general, I’m passionate about seeing people succeed at whatever their business and their passion is- so, with that said, my Instragram page @peopleofhelena was born and my real estate page on facebook is getting a facelift.

I hope to contribute to our beautiful little town of Helena and help everyone to stay neighbors, getting to know one another and realize why it’s important to help each other and buy local. There is always some large company hoping to get into our wallets, but then the money never stays local. Montana really is one of the “last best places” out there and I’d like to do my part in contributing to it staying that way.

May 19, 2018
My wife and I worked with Janet Welsh and she was fantastic in helping my wife and I find our home. Patient, great listener, and willing to go look at as many houses as needed to find the right one for our family. Janet and the team at Bill Bahny were top drawer and provided a great experience throughout the process.
M Shawn Davis

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2687 Airport Road, Helena, MT 59601, USA

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1131 Vallejo Road

1131 Vallejo Road Helena MT

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715 Bielenberg St, Deer Lodge, MT 59722, USA


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