Montana Ranches and Land for Sale
5 Reasons to Buy Land in Montana

Whether you know Montana as “The Treasure State” or “Big Sky Country”, there’s no denying that this western state is plentiful in terrain, natural resources, and land. From wilderness preserves to the Rocky Mountains to Glacier National Park, land buyers will find a bit of everything in Montana.

Few states inspire faraway dreams of land ownership like Montana. “The Last Best Place” is the fourth largest state in the Union but only two states have a lower population density. it wasn’t until 2012, after 123 years of statehood, that Montana welcomed its one-millionth resident. If you have the resources you can dream big in Montana. Million-acre ranches are no longer available in Montana but land in the tens of thousands of acres regularly hits the market. Dreams of land ownership in Montana usually come with a trout stream attached. There are thousands in the state comprising over 450 miles of “blue-ribbon trout-fishing.” Fly-fishing is so ingrained in the Montana ethos that the Federation of Fly Fishers that oversees clubs across the country makes its headquarters on the Yellowstone River in Livingston. Seven species of trout head the list of 17 prized game fish in Montana waters. Hunters buying land in Montana will find elk, pronghorn antelope, moose, Bighorn sheep and partridge among the state’s 29 species of game birds and mammals. Less than 25% of Montana is forested; much of the state is covered in prairie land typical of the Great Plains. But that is not where the land action lies. Instead, it is the western part of the state that sees the most property for sale. This is the Montana of rugged mountains and Glacier National Park which is one of the crown jewels of the National Park System. But no matter what your dreams, Montana is big enough to hold them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Montana is a state situated in the northwestern region of the United States. Helena is the capital of the state. Billings is the largest city in the state. Other cities include Bozeman, Great Falls, Missoula, Butte, Whitefish, and Kalispell. Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Idaho are the neighboring states. Montana also shares an international border with Canada.

Some Facts About Montana

  1. The state has 56 counties and has a population of 1.06 million. The state is the third least densely populated state in the country.
  2. Water from Triple Divide Peak runs off into the Hudson Bay, Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. This is a rare phenomenon.
  3. The state has rich wildlife. Montana is the only state having so many species of mammals. It also has the highest population of Grizzly Bears.
  4. Cowboy capitol is the nickname of Miles City.
  5. The state has several nicknames such as treasure state, land of shining mountains, and big sky country.
  6. The best attraction in Montana is the Glacier National Park. The Triple Divide Peak is situated here in this park. There are 250 lakes in the park.
  7. The Charles M. Russell Museum Complex situated in Great Falls was called “one of America’s premier Western art museums” according to the Wall Street Journal.
  8. The state name is derived from a Spanish word which means ‘Mountains’.
  9. Beaver Creek Park is a county park that is the largest in the country. It is 1 mile wide and 10 miles in length.
  10. Because of large deposits of gold and silver, the state motto is, “Oro y Plata”. Oro means gold and Plata means silver.

Why Should You Buy a Property/House in Montana?

Montana is one of the most beautiful states in the country with its fresh air and scenic beauty. If you like outdoor activities then this place is heaven on earth for you. Hunting and fishing are very famous. With a low cost of living, it is easy to live here. Winters might get dull and grey but winter outdoor activities are your best friend in such season. Snowboarding, snow skiing, ice fishing, and ice skating are some fun things to do in winter. The steak that you get in Montana is simply mouthwatering. The State economy is gradually getting better.

How is the Climate in Montana?

The climate in Montana is Pacific coastal. The western region of Montana has mild winters and cool summers. Since Montana is a relatively larger state, its climate is quite diverse and temperatures vary in different regions of the state. In the eastern region, the climate is semi-arid to continental climate. It has cold winters and warm summers. January is the coldest month of the year. Maximum snow is received in this month. The temperature in January can drop down to 0°F. July is the hottest month of the year here. The temperature varies from 75°F to 88°F.

What is the Cost Of Living in Montana?

The cost of living is calculated by taking the average cost of living in all the states of the country. This average is taken as the base, therefore its value is considered as 100. An index below 100 indicates the state is cheaper than the country’s average. The cost of living in Montana is 94 indicating that it is a cheaper state than most other states.

How is the Real Estate Market Performing in Montana?

The real estate market in Montana can be categorized as active. The average value of a house is $241,700. This indicates that there has been a 4.5% increase in value. It is expected that the values will further rise by 2.2%. As the economy is steadily growing in Montana and with plenty of lands available in Montana, it seems like a good place to get settled in or to retire.