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Cody Bahny Recommendations

I found Cody Bahny easy to work with. Cody staged the house and took professional pictures. He advertised my home on numerous websites in order to get the information out. Cody communicated well in letting me know when buyers were looking at the house and finding out the buyers opinions afterwards.


Very helpful and willing to work with you at any hour of the day or night, it seemed. Will get you to many showings in a short amount of time, if desired. In general, was very helpful from the very beginning to the very end of the home-buying process!

We highly recommend Cody. His team lent their expertise in helping us get our house ready to sell and they knew what it would take to get it sold. Cody was honest and forthcoming and kept us in the loop. They took great, professional photos and have a great online presence that got people in the door. They also held several open houses that we thought were helpful. Cody and his team was far better than several other realtors we have worked with from top companies in Helena. They put in the work to get the house sold and were great to work with.


We hired a couple of different Realtors to sell our Basin, MT property before we tried Cody. Cody utilized all of his available resources to market and eventually sell our home and property. We were provided with weekly viewing statistics that told us how efficiently the home was being marketed, and when we received an offer, Cody made sure that everything went as smoothly as possible during the entire process. We liked working with him so much that when it came time to sell our Helena home, we hired him again. Cody is Internet savvy and knows how to market a home. He is also knowledgeable about the sales process and will go the extra mile to help you sell your home!

01/09/2014 Helped me sell a home

Both Kathy and Cody were very knowledgeable and professional. They answered all of our questions and made sure we New what was going on at all times.

12/18/2013 Helped me sell a home

They were very professional. The pictures of our home was very well done. They were very helpful with the whole process from beginning to selling our home and beyond.

Thanks so much. Greg and Carole

 11/14/2013 Helped me buy a home

Don’t let Cody’s young appearance fool you. We selected Cody after having issues with another realtor. Cody was very responsive and had extensive network of contacts. While looking for home, Cody always “knew a guy” who could address our concerns. Usually with the hour, Cody could have a professional out there to look at our concerns or have an answer on the phone. When shopping for a builder we had issues, Cody was there with a response and coordinated with several builders to get us set up.

11/14/2013 Helped me buy a home

I would highly recommend Cody Bahny! He is professional, easy to work with, and goes out of his way the help you find and purchase your home. I would not use anyone else in the future. A+++++

 11/14/2013 Helped me sell a home

Cody was very easy to work with. Very personable, friendly and helpful!!

 11/14/2013 Helped me buy a home

Cody really went above and beyond in helping us purchase our home. He will be our first contact if we want to sell or purchase any other properties.

11/13/2013 Helped me sell a home

We were on a time crunch to sell our house and Cody got it done in time!!

09/30/2013 Helped me buy a home

We worked with both Bill and Cody Bahny in buying AND selling property simultaneously. They worked seamlessly together.

Cody helped us sell our house so that we could purchase another property. He was very responsive to any issues that cropped up at any time, day or night.

Thanks to Cody’s knowledge and effort, we received a competitive offer on our house 28 days after it was placed on the market — about 100 days less than the average time on market for Helena. Cody has great strategies for driving prospective buyers and agents to the property, and his ability to stage a house for sale is exceptional. Would highly recommend.

Bill Bahny was very knowledgeable and incredibly responsive as he helped us buy our dream home. His affable manner and extensive experience made the buying process very smooth, despite the inevitable hiccups that always occur along the way. Would recommend Bill time and again.

All in all, we actually enjoyed the experience of buying and selling property, in very large part to the work and customer service of Bill and Cody Bahny.

 08/09/2013 Helped me sell a home

Cody helped us sell our home when we move out of state. The photos he took to promote our home were amazing. He is available via phone, email, and text when we had questions. He also went above and beyond what typical realtors do for their clients. Highly recommended!

 05/11/2013 Helped me sell a home

We couldn’t be more pleased with the effort that was put into selling our land. I highly recommend Bill Bahny and Associates. We will use them again in the future and will send sellers and buyers their way. Very honest and hard working and I couldn’t ask for better service. We are very pleased. Thank you for all you did for us!

04/10/2013 Helped me sell a home

Cody was the best buying and selling agent that we’ve ever used. He was available at anytime day or night to answer questions and sold our house in just over a week. He also sold the house we bought to us in less than a week because he understood what we were looking for and it was the perfect fit. If you really want to sell your house then call Cody at Bill Bahny and Associates.

 03/04/2013 Helped me sell a home

I have listed homes and properties with a couple different agents, but Bill and Cody were the only agents that actually took the time to market them correctly. They use all of their available resources to properly sell your property. I would highly recommend them as Realtors!

 05/14/2012 Helped me buy a home

Amazing! Cody is a rare find in todays real estate market. He is 100% committed to his customers and their needs. You can’t go wrong choosing him if you’re considering buying a home and in fact his level of professionalism, knowledge, and customer service will spoil you and set your bar very high for any other customer service professional you work with. He went over our needs, wants, budget etc. to help aid in the search to find the right home for us. He showed us plenty of houses. He never rushed us in buying a house and he kept looking until he found us the right one. Cody found us the perfect home. His negotiation skills were excellent. Cody was right there with us to answer questions, go through the inspection and jump through any hoops with the loan. He even took it upon himself to fix some of the smaller items that the seller would not fix. This truly shows a professional willing to go above and beyond to make sure their customer is satisfied. We would absolutely recommend him to friends and family in the future.

Tiffany Cox