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Photographs can make or break the sale of a home

Americans are visual creatures and nothing proves this more than the Internet. Advertising agencies understand this concept and spend weeks to complete a single, what seems to be simple, photo shoot. Because they were hired to convince us to purchase a service or product, photography takes on a critical role when attempting to sell your home. The same holds true in the real estate industry.  The statistics Studies prove that homes that are photographed and staged net the owner more money and sell faster than those that were marketed using photographs snapped by an amateur. In fact, a national real estate conglomerate conducted a study that found that the use of a DSLR camera to photograph homes listed between $200,000 and $1 million netted the homeowner from $3,400 to more than $11,000 more than homes that were photographed by a novice. Another study finds that the sharper the photograph, the more money the seller will net at the close of escrow. It may sound trite, but for many Americans, their home is their largest financial investment. It only makes sense that they want to get every last penny they can when it comes time to cash in. Approach the sale of your home as a business transaction.

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If you haven’t already hired a professional photographer to shoot your listings, you should really think about doing so. Check out these 15 real estate photography facts you need to know.

  1. Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% each on the listing description and agent description. (The Wall Street Journal.)
  2. Homes with high-quality photos receive 47% higher asking price per square foot. (cbsnews.com)
  3. 83% of buyers cited pictures as very important. (investordetails.wordpress.com)
  4. You have two seconds to grab the buyer’s attention without a photo, and 20 seconds with a photo. (marketleader.com)
  5. Homes with professionally photographed pictures can sell for up to $19,000 more. (marketleader.com)
  6. Agents who outsource photography earn twice as much commission as those who do not. Only 35% of agents use professional photographers. (inman.com)
  7. Use a 10mm lens for wide angles of small rooms to make it look as spacious as possible, without distorting too much. (massrealestatenews.com)
  8. Listings with professional photographs sell 32% faster, spending only 89 days on the market compared to 123 for other homes. (PR Newswire)
  9. Only 15% of listings have high-quality photography, with half of over $1 million listings using low-quality photos. (The Wall Street Journal)
  10. Beware. Listings below $300,000 don’t necessarily sell faster with better photos. (The Wall Street Journal)
  11. Listings with professional photos receive 118% more online views. (IMOTO PHOTO)
  12. Professional photography can help sell your listing 39% closer to the original listing price. (IMOTO PHOTO)
  13. Homes with professional photos get 61% more views. (REDFIN)
  14. Listings with high-quality photos can gain anywhere between $934 and $116,076 more on the market. (The Wall Street Journal)
  15. Homes listed between $400,000 to $500,000 sell 18% better in the first six months with high-quality photography. (REDFIN)

Virtual Tour

Real estate is one business market that can really benefit most from using the new tool called the virtual tour. This is a marketing and sales tool that will surely look great on your web site and this is only the beginning.

Having a virtual tour of the house that is on the market is like having an open house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And this is done without any travelling costs or time spent giving each customer the tour. The customers really appreciate having all the time they need in order to check every detail and they will surely love being able to return to the house as many times as they want.

Here are a few statistics that will convince you of the benefits that having a virtual tour on your web site brings.

  • 80% of consumers search for information online.
  • 80% of people surfing the web say images are a must have when deciding to buy a house.
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) for virtual imaging of any kind, including virtual tours, is less than 4 weeks.
  • Virtual Tours can get more than 5 million visits every day.
  • Virtual tours can help reduce the amount of the so called wasted viewings by 40%.
  • Listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours.

The great thing about virtual tours is that the house presented in the virtual tour needs no other maintenance like cleaning or refurbishing. Any other cost, like electricity, heating or cleaning services are eliminated. The time that would be spent on giving tours will actually be spent sealing the deal and signing the contract.