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Shay Farm

Shay Farm

Ucross Ranch

Shay Farm |  $2,190,000 |  Winnett, MT

The Shay Farm is located off Jitney Road, about 10 miles east of Winnett, MT. The farm consists of 2,920 deeded acres and 120 acres of BLM lease. 2,655 of those acres are certified with FSA for the crop year 2020.

The Shay Farm has a variety of wildlife including year-round elk, deer, antelope, and upland bird. In two trips of filming the farm three weeks apart, we spotted a herd of 45 BULL ELK. The second trip we were able to photograph 3 herds of 4, 11, and 17 ALL BULLS.

The farm qualifies for landowner preference for elk and antelope in Montana Hunting District 410. This is one of the most sought after coveted elk tags in Montana with trophy bulls harvested in excess of 400″. There are 150 either sex and 1,900 cow elk tags in the drawing, with a percentage of these tags set aside for landowner preference. This is a separate drawing available for resident or non-resident landowners and increases your odds tremendously. The general deer license allows you to harvest either a whitetail or mule deer on the farm. Between the exceptional food source, big reservoir, and multiple coulees, the Shay Farm is a wildlife paradise.

The farm has wheat, barley, and mustard base. Wheat at 25 bushels per acre, barley at 28 bushels per acre, and mustard at 142 bushels per acre.

Shay Farm has 9 tracts registered at the FSA office. In the spring of 2018, the farm was sprayed to summer fallow and then seeded to winter wheat that fall. In 2019, the wheat produced 42.7 bushels per acre. It was sprayed again and 1,300 acres of Safflower was planted in spring 2020. In the fall of 2020, the safflower was harvested and 1,700 acres of winter wheat was planted.

The farm is currently on a cash lease, which started in 2020 and will end in 2022. The lease is set up so the buyer could purchase the farm by spring and the lessor will move off. If the lessor has already started farming when the farm transaction closes, the possession would be in the fall after harvest. The cash lease is a graduated lease, increasing each year for the next 2 years, with payments of 50% due May 1st and the balance on September 1st (of that crop year). The payment for 2021 is $10.00 per acre ($26,720.00) and for 2022 $16.00 per acre ($42,752.00).

From the farmer to the hunter that dreams of harvesting multiple species of game including GIANT bull elk, the Shay Farm is a great investment property.