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Castle Rock Ranch |  $11,799,000  | Stacey, MT
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8,896+/- acres in total, comprising 7,136+/- deeded acres, 1,120 acres of Montana State lease land, and a private lease of 640 acres. Of the deeded acres, 96 acres are irrigated with a pivot, while 400 acres consist of dryland alfalfa and grass hay.
 The 96-acre pivot, planted with hay barley in 2022, yielded an impressive 4 tons per acre. Water is supplied by Little Pumpkin Creek. Remarkably, the pivot field has also produced 25 tons per acre of corn silage. The 300+/- acres of dryland alfalfa hay, aged 4 to 8 years, consistently produces 2 to 2 ½ tons per acre with 2 cuttings. The 100 acres of dryland tame grass hay typically yields 1 to 1 ½ tons per acre. The remaining 700 acres of dryland crop ground are typically planted with hay barley and produce 1 ½ – 2 ½ tons per acre. The pivot and crop ground alone yielded an impressive 2,000 round bales of hay barley, weighing between 1,600 to 1,900 pounds, in 2023. The ranch boasts a 1,500-head feedlot constructed entirely of steel, complete with its own scale. A new  168 x 80 ft. indoor arena has been finished to compliment the large outdoor arena for all the horse enthusiasts.   Water availability is truly exceptional, with 22 wells, mostly shallow, producing between 10 to 15 gallons per minute. Little Pumpkin Creek, a year-round creek meandering through the ranch, provides numerous “ponds” for cattle watering. The ranch has numerous ash draws with a lot of them having flowing springs.
We affectionately refer to this ranch as the “Serengeti Plains of Montana” because of the abundant wildlife that can be found here. There are 2 basic herds of elk, one on the south end and the other on the north with some elk staying in the country just west of the headquarters.  There is no public access to any of this ground save the neighbor on the large ranch, he does outfit the large ranch and had a client that killed a 390-inch bull elk on his ranch that had been on the Castle Rock Ranch.
White tail deer, antelope, turkeys, pheasants, sharp tail grouse and huns are all available on the ranch.
Speaking of water, the huge reservoir by the headquarters which is used to pump out of the pivot and has a fishable number of blue gills and bass.  This is where you will also find ducks, geese, and snapping turtles.
This ranch is a very rare find, especially in eastern Montana with lots of water, grass, wildlife, and no public access. You must see to truly believe.     
This ranch is a very rare find, especially in eastern Montana with lots of water, grass, wildlife and no public access. You must see to truly believe.
MLS 341957
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Castle Rock Ranch - Montana - Cattle - Horse - Hunting Ranch for Sale



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Montana Ranch For Sale - Castle Rock Ranch Headquarters | Stacey, Montana      $11,799,000



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